Shop Owner, John L.
 I started this shop as a creative outlet, and after some encouragement from a friend it happened. There are two ways to express the number 4 in Japanese. The alternative way "Shi," (  ) also means death. Which is why it is also considered an unlucky number in some superstitions. L4L was formed to defy negative self-thoughts, to encourage everyone to Live 4 Love. Not only the love for oneself and others, but also the love of chasing hopes, dreams, and whatever makes anyone passionate about life. 
These items were designed in hopes of inspiring others that are also struggling to keep going. True strength is the will to keep going. Whatever happens in your life, Live 4 Love, stay positive, and work hard to make things happen. Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do and never let the thought of failure stop you.
It began as a creative outlet for me and it was something to think about rather than the negative things going on in my life that would lead to my own suicide. Coming up with ideas for this store has been the most fun I've had in a while and I hope you enjoy the illustrations and designs. I hope they remind you to Live 4 Love.

L4L Apparel wl4l.cs@gmail.com